Welcome to Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies offers a unique range of courses that address the histories, experiences, cultural expression, and concerns of Indigenous peoples, with a strong focus on self-empowerment, as well as their relationships with other racialized communities and with Canada as a whole.

Through the Multicultural and Indigenous Studies program, you can complete a BA entirely in the Indigenous Studies stream. Your BA can be a specialized honours, honours major, honours double major, honours major-minor, honours minor or a three-year BA.

Indigenous Studies in the Multicultural and Indigenous Studies program is unique in its focus on Aboriginal peoples’ empowerment, on cultural knowledge and cultural production in the arts, and finally, on its emphasis on understanding the relationships between Aboriginal people and other racialized people in Canada.

At York, there are a variety of programs for Aboriginal students and those interested in learning about Aboriginal people. Indigenous Studies is available at the certificate and undergraduate level through the Department of Equity Studies.

The Indigenous Teachers Education program is offered by the Faculty of Education, as well as a new Med program in Urban Aboriginal Education, while the Osgoode Intensive program in Aboriginal Lands, Resources and Governments provides law students with programming that is unique across Canada.

Outside of the classroom, Aboriginal student services and a number of student and campus organizations provide a range of services and student life opportunities for Aboriginal students.