Indigenous Studies courses in the Multicultural and Indigenous Studies (MIST) program are offered annually or every other year. MIST students have preference in these courses, which are taught predominantly by Aboriginal faculty and centred in Aboriginal perspectives.

Students can also obtain credit for taking courses related to Aboriginal people that are offered in other departments, such as Anthropology, Canadian Studies, History or Politics. Unless the course is cross-listed with MIST enrolment for MIST students is not guaranteed in these courses and the content of the courses are not necessarily entirely focused on Aboriginal perspectives; however, you will still learn about Aboriginal peoples within them.

Additionally, there are courses offered through other Faculties such as Fine Arts, Environmental Studies and Education that are taught by Aboriginal faculty members and will introduce you to issues related to Native cultural expression, education or relationship to land. Enrolment is not guaranteed for MIST students in these courses.

The following courses originate in Indigenous Studies in MIST:

AP/REI 3470 6.00 Black Indians and Native/Black Relations
AP/REI 3640 3.00 The Indian Act, Treaties, and Non-Status Native Communities
AP/REI 3650 3.00 Urban Native Communities
AP/REI 4765 3.00 Indigenous Literature, Survival and Sovereignty
AP/REI 4770 3.00 First Nations Music and Cultural Regeneration
AP/REI 4780 3.00 Indigenous Peoples and Education

The following courses are offered in other departments but can be taken for credit in Indigenous Studies:

AP/ANTH 3030 3.00 Discourses of Colonialism
AP/ANTH 3420 3.00 Indigenous Minorities and Human Rights
AP/ANTH 3510 3.00 Indigenous Peoples and Archaeology: From Conflict to Coalition
AP/CREE/REI 1000 6.00 Introduction to Cree
AP/HIST 4508 6.00 Cultures and Colonialism: Canada 1600-1900
AP/HIST 4753 6.00 Christianities and Indigenous Civilizations in Colonial Latin America
AP/POLS 4102 3.00 Aboriginal Politics
AP/REI/CDNS/EN/HUMA 3535 3.00 Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment
AP/REI/CDNS/EN/HUMA 3536 3.00 Indigenous People: Legend and Memory
AP/REI/CDNS/HUMA 3538 3.00 Comparative Issues in Canadian and American Native Literature
AP/REI 3310 CDNS/HUMA 3530 6.00/3.00 Louis Riel and Métis Issues in North America
AP/HUMA 3537 CDNS/REI 3839 3.00 Canadian Native Autobiography

AP/HUMA/REI 4200 6.00 Metis Identities, Families and Issues in Canada AP/SOSC 3921 6.00 Indigenous Health and Healing: Interdisciplinary and Traditional Dialogues
AS/SOSC 4351 6.00 Indigenous Peoples and Law (Open only to REI students who are taking the Law and Society certificate or are doing a double major with Law and Society.)

The following courses are offered in other Faculties but can be taken for credit in Indigenous Studies:

ED/EDUC 2200 3.00 Issues in Indigenous Education
ENVS 3170 3.00 Indigenous Environmental Thought
FA FACS 3900 M 3.00 Arts and Cultures: Indigenous Cultures
FA FILM 4710 6.00 First Nations in Film and Television
FA/VISA 2750 6.00 Art of North America before 1900
FA/VISA 3350A Representation of Indigenous North Americans in Art & Popular Visual Culture
FA/VISA 3350C History of Indigenous North American Art
FA/VISA 3350 D Contemporary Aboriginal Art of North America
FA/VISA 3750 3.00 Arts of Colonial America
FA/VISA 4351D 3.00 Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art of North America
FA/VISA 4800I 3.00 Art of the Arctic
GL/SOSC 2630 3.00 First Nations of Canada