Welcome to Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies addresses the multiple issues faced by Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world.  Relying on theories developed by Indigenous scholars, the teachings of Elders, participation in ceremonies, and a focus on treaty rights and relationships, York’s program is unique in its additional focus on Metis identities, non-status and/or urban Native peoples, and Indigenous-Black relations.

While students are grounded in knowledge of Indigenous  languages, cultures, and traditions and languages, they may also choose courses that address Indigenous women, the interrelations between Black and Indigenous peoples, the relationship between racism and colonialism, locally and globally, the effects of racialized violence on both Indigenous men and women and people of colour, as well as courses addressing global Indigeneity. You can also choose courses in Indigenous literatures, cinema, and music. Through experiential knowledge courses, those addressing policy, as well as placements in Indigenous organizations or those of Indigenous allies, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers ranging from journalism, public administration, law enforcement, court work, policy work or research on Indigenous issues, to those wishing to further their studies for careers in the health professions, law, education, social work, or graduate studies.